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We build software to help people manage their backups

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Easy Download

Downloading MTBIU.5 has been made easier than ever. Simply register and download.

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What is it

A dependable and easy to use application that allows users to backup Mikrotik Routerboards quick and easy.

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New Features

Setup individual Groups. Scheduler has been improved. Save backup templates. Update ROS from Software.

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Get Organized

MTBIU.5 helps you organize your router boards, by creating groups and saving them.

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Batch Router Boards

Batch process certain router boards and create backups for their common files.

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Restore Points

Create restore points in case a problem occurs and you lose data vital for running certain router boards.

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Mikrotik Back-It-Up gives you the power to schedule backups for your routerboards most important files. This helps you automate the process of backing up data. The bigger image is that you do not have to keep create backups manually whenever you use the application.

Simply click on the download link, from here you can download the free version or select a license option.

We strongly recommend that you purchase a license for the software, this will also get you access to support.


Mikrotik Back-It-Up can help you backup your routerboards and Mikrotik devices, then schedule automatic backups for entire groups of routerboards. In case you lose any critical routerboard data file, you can seamlessly use the application to restore it to its latest backed up state. In order to properly function, the application requires .Net Framework installed on your machine.

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