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In order to preserve critical information about routerboards or other similar devices, it is recommended to create regular backups, that can store data in case a problem occurs and you lose your current related files.

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Download version 4.5 and add up-to 10 routers in the Free version. All packages are available in the download section.


A dependable and easy to use application that allows users to backup Mikrotik Routerboards quick and easy.

New Features

Setup individual Groups. Scheduler has been improved. Save backup templates. Update ROS from Software.


The application allows you to backup critical information about your Mikrotik devices and routerboards, such as login data. This helps you create restore point in case a problem occurs and you lose data vital for running certain router boards.
Furthermore, you can batch process certain router boards and create backups for their common files. The program helps you organize your router boards, by creating groups and saving some of them under certain names.


Mikrotik Back-It-Up gives you the possibility to schedule backups for your routerboard important files. This helps you automate the process of backing up data, meaning that you do not have to keep manually create backups whenever you use the application.
In addition, you have the option to schedule backups for entire groups, not just the files of a single routerboard. Doing so, you can rest assured that each Mikrotik device that you own has all their critical data stored safely.


Mikrotik Back-It-Up can help you backup your routerboards and Mikrotik devices, then schedule automatic backups for entire groups of routerboards. In case you lose any critical routerboard data file, you can seamlessly use the application to restore it to its latest backed up state.
In order to properly function, the application requires .Net Framework installed on your machine.

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Free Version Up to 10 router boards


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PC Add On License Free Upgrades and Access to All Features


Single Payment

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